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Vouliagmeni Suites

Vouliagmeni on the exclusive Athens Riviera

Vouliagmeni is a beautiful and picturesque peninsula, situated on the eastern edge of Athens (just 20 Km from the center of Athens), known from the famous lake with the mineral water spa and an outstanding mild climate that makes all-year round holidays possible

Atmospheric Vouliagmeni Lake
Vouliagmenis Lake is located on the South Coast of Athens, by the seaside of the Saronic Gulf.
The natural beauty of its scenery offers the visitor true moments of relaxation. Its modern and quiet installations are environmental-friendly and are suitable for swimming and body exercise in the natural nursing springs.

The Lake is recognized as an important Monument of Nature, because of its marvelous surroundings and its natural location. The Lake’s impressive shape was formed by geological changes that were unable to be chronologically specified. The scientific research came to the conclusion that where the Lake stands now, millions of years ago, a huge underground cave existed. The walls of the cave suffered erosion, because of the high temperature hot springs that were streaming inside, causing the roof to collapse and ending with the ground’s sinking.The water of the Lake is brackish and has healing capacities due to its composition which among other minerals it consists of: Potassium, Natrium, Lithium, Ammonium, Calcium, Ferrum, Chloride, Iodine, and is slightly radioactive. All these elements provide relief in all kind of arthritis, dermatological and gynecological conditions, as well as, in backaches and sciatica.

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Vouliagmeni Lake
One of the most impressive natural sights of Athens, only 3' walk from Vouliagmeni Suites.

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Why Athens
The land of gods!

• Acropolis - The crown jewel of Athens with the Parthenon temple
•  Contemporary metropolis, buzzing with artistic flair, fine cuisine and vibrant nightlife
• Ancient Theatres, Museums and Galerries
•  Sounio on Athens Riviera - Ancient temple of Poseidon
•  S
hopping experience to suit all tastes and budgets


Acropolis Museum; one of the major archaeological museums in Athens ranked among the most important museums of the world

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